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It all started in October 2004, when I got an instant message from a girl asking me what she thought about women in christian ministry and it went something like this:

virginia: what are your thoughts on women in ministry?
brian: hello
brian: women can serve just as well as men
brian: who is this?
virginia: my name is virginia. i saw your profile on the personals and thought it was interesting.
brian: oh ok, thanks
brian: lol

We ended up chatting for about 2 hours that night. After that conversation, we met several times and chatted about stuff and then in May 2005, I took her to see an Omnimax movie and then took her out to Olive Garden for dinner. We discussed dating, courting, etc. and we decided to give it a shot. Little did we know, but like 99% of things we agreed upon. We got married in December of 2006 and had a great honeymoon at the White Stallion Ranch. We are continuing to grow with each other in all areas of our lives including our faith.



Brian & Virginia

The Boat House at Forest Park

At Brian's house

At Virginia's pastor's house

At the Falls

In Tennessee at church

In Tennessee

At Virginia's Aunt and Uncle's House

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