2005 Technical Information

Our display is entirely controlled by computer. We use Light-O-Rama Christmas controllers and software to control our lights. These controllers allow us to split the display up into many individual circuits, which can be precisely controlled, dimmed, twinkled or shimmered. It also allows us to synchronize the display to the music that we will begin broadcasting over a FM radio frequency next year. Our 2005 display contains 32 computer-controlled lighting circuits. The system we use is modular and can be expandable to hundreds of channels in the future, if we ever desired. The controllers are mounted in the garage out of the weather as shown in the picture below (click for full-size images):

We take care of the enclosures and wiring ourselves. This saves money and also helps us customize the boxes for our needs. As picture of one of our boxes is shown below along with all the wires running into the garage:

Here is a screenshot from the software that we use to control the display. Each row is a different computer-controlled display channel, and each column represents a timed event. Events can include lights on, lights off, fade up, fade down, set dimming levels, twinkle, and shimmer:

The computer is sitting in the garage on top of the workbench.