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My first four or five years growing up our family did not attend church. When we moved into the Kansas City area, we started attending Raymore Presbyterian Church. While I was in sixth grade, I went through confirmation class and got baptized (sprinkled). During my junior high years, our youth group became small so I stopped going. I had several friends at my school there were attending Open Door Bible Church, a non-denominational church in Belton, MO. I began going to their youth group and for the first time, I heard the terms "being saved", "getting saved", etc. I began learning a lot more about Christ and realized that being a Christian just wasn't about following a specific set of guidelines based upon tradition or an organization and their history, but it is about believing in God, what Christ did for us, and having a relationship with Him. It was at that point in time I recommitted myself to Christ. Kelley Walter was the youth minister at Open Door Bible and during the time I was there, he began Rockbrook Church (a purpose-driven church plant). While at Open Door I also met Andrew Walter (Kelly's son) and helped him work with the audio equipment. It was at this time I first heard of Rick Warren and his book the Purpose Driven Church. I read the Purpose Driven Church and agreed with his principles. That is when I got the more "seeker-sensitive" vision of leading people to Christ and began to leave my traditional past behind. While all of this was going on, my interest in computers, audio, video and creativity in general was on the rise.

During my high school and college years, I continued to grow in my faith. During the time I was in Rolla, MO for college, I attended First Christian Church where I became a youth sponsor. I also began volunteering on their media team, and ran Front-Of-House sound for about 300 people fairly often. I was invited by Scott Cureton, the worship pastor, to attend the Creative Church Conference (C3) at Fellowship Church in Dallas, TX. I left C3 with even a greater vision of leading people to Christ by using creativity in a church. First Christian Church had a great balance in its preaching, music, etc. styles, people were maturing in their faith and the church was growing at a decent rate. Also, while at UMR, I was also active in the Baptist Student Union and Campus Christian Fellowship.

I knew, after being in Rolla for a few years, I knew in my heart that it was biblical to be baptized by immersion and asked the youth minister to baptize me. I joined First Christian Church and was baptised on August 12, 2002. After joining the church, I did my real first spiritual gifts class. I was high on creativity, giving, and administration. I kind of already knew the creative part, but the administration and giving had really never clicked until then. I like keeping things organized and have always had a bit of the "entrepreneurial spirit" and I figured that is were that had sprung from.

When I left Rolla to begin working in St. Louis, I started attending Grace Church but soon realized that God wanted me to start seeking something smaller to help me grow and to use my knowledge learned from my previous experiences. I wanted something deeper spiritually, something I could grow into and be a part of a core group, so I started a search for church plant. I contacted Fellowship Connection (Fellowship's resource association, no longer exists) and found some smaller churches near me associated with Fellowship Church. I tried a few and came across Pathfinders Community Church. My wife and I (we met about 1 year into the plant) volunteered with Pathfinders until they dissolved in December 2006. We had a good 3 years while it existed and I matured more than ever during that time. While Pathfinders existed, I was a deacon and performed many administration roles, along with being their media guru by running sound and creating various graphics and videos. After Pathfinders closed, we searched for a new church for several months and found Church Alive/Northwest Foursquare Church. I am currently volunteering on their media team.

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MAXIMum Life - James

1 Thessalonians

Time, Talnet, Treasure

Ransom - Easter 2006

You Know Your Jealous

Jealousy Postcard

Our Big God

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